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Anonymous asked:

How come you don't post anything on your personal tumblr anymore?

the url on my evanescence blog might be old. my current personal account is yayoslut i think the one linked is nevertakethelithium you’re right i don’t post on anymore because i use it to make personal posts so i can just put a link on my actual blog and not use up so much space. 

mrodigga asked:

Hey, if you're still doing requests, I think it would be awesome if you could do some lyrics from Made of Stone. In particular: "Make me everything you need me to be, so the judgement seems fair.", or "Speak your mind like I care, I can see your lips moving, I've just learned not to hear.", or just the simple, "Don't waste your time."

Yeah you guys, I’m always taking requests ;), and I’ll definitely start making some, so get ready for some Made of Stone stuff!

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